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Не, нормально, да? Целый год можно было, а теперь опа. Впрочем, может и спам какой. Другой вопрос тогда - зачем я его весь год хранил?
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Please close the web browser immediately and erase all temp directory files.
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Kidding me?

LiveJournal's notifications system allows people to track events they can already see on LiveJournal, but does not allow people to track events that they can't otherwise find. Additionally, any notifications are subject to the security level of the original event. For example, people who aren't on your Friends list won't be notified if you post a protected entry, and other people aren't notified for screened comments posted in your journal.

Because people can only subscribe to entries, comments, or content that they can already find, the notifications system does not allow them to see more in your journal. You cannot block people from subscribing to your public entries, comments, or other journal content, because they can already read these posts directly, but you can make your entries Friends-only to limit subscriptions.

Users who have subscribed to an item you have posted will no longer be able to see that notification in their Inbox, nor will they receive new notifications about that item, if the security of the item changes such that they can no longer see it, or if it is deleted. Currently existing notifications in the user's Inbox will have the content replaced by the text "(You are not authorized to view this comment)" to protect your privacy choice. However, any email notifications that were sent prior to the security changes will contain the full text of the comments in question.
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It is all for your security and you cannot read the fine print describing additional security which is only available to paid journals.
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"It's just for your safety. Thank you for your cooperation!"


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